Årets domare är rasspecialist och heter Marjo Järventölä och kommer från Finland. Marjo föder upp rottweiler under kennelnamnet Rotinkan.

Marjo Järventölä
Im middle-aged rottweilerfan and breedspecialist judge from the Northern part of Finland. Oulu is my hometown.
Dogs has been my passion and hobby for over 40 years. I got my first rottweiler from Sweden at 1984 and since that the breed has been my own one and of course the best of all. Today I have two rottweilerbitches and one male at home.

For me my dogs are my great company and I also love to do many things with my dogs; shows, trials, obedience.

I have been a rottweiler breeding inspector since 1999 and in 2002 I was qualifield to judge rottweiler. Novadays I am a FCI judge for severals breeds in group 2 and 1.

Im so exited to judge rottweilers in your show and so happy to see rottweilers and rottweilerfriends in Sweden.

Marjo Järventölä